Webfed-Coldset and Heatset Printing

Our Web Offset Equipment Includes:Webfed-Coldset



  • Baker Perkins G14 – Heatset and Coldset 22.75” Cut-Off
  • Baker Perkins G16-Coldset 49.625” Cut-Off
  • Harris M1000-Coldset 22.75” Cut-Off

This complement of presses gives us high-speed, long run capabilities on product sizes up to 5-7/8” x 9” digest through 10-7/8” x 17” tabloid. Whether you’re printing on newsprint, uncoated offset or fully coated papers, we can handle your high volume projects.

Webfed printing is great for long run, various page count projects where high-speed throughput and a low unit cost is critical.