About Us

Kappa Graphics has a long history as a printer. As the successor to Scranton Lithographing Company which was originally established in 1906, the business has been in continuous operation for over 100 years! During its first 63 years, the company was primarily a commercial lithographer first printing from litho stones, bimetal zinc and then offset printing.

In 1970, the original Scranton Lithographing Company was acquired by its current Owners and its name subsequently changed to SLC Graphics, Inc. It was at that time that its direction changed from that of a commercial printer to that of a publication printer for such popular magazines such as TV Guide. By the late 1990’s, the Owners started to create a series of Publishing entities and the plant increasingly focused on servicing their printing and binding needs.

Kappa Graphics continues to grow and innovate recently adding high speed digital ink jet printing to its ever broadening capabilities. As the needs of our customers expand and new technologies evolve, Kappa Graphics will be there with innovative solutions and state of the art processes.